Welcome to Ketambes jungle - The natural habitat for orang utans and other animals

Trekking - Orang Utan
Observed during a trekking tour in summer 2015 - Female orang utan with baby
Trekking - In the jungle
Sadar Wisata was built in 1993 and is one of the oldest guesthouses in Ketambe. Since that time we also arrange jungle trekking tours through the rain forest of the Leuser National Park near Ketambe. Therefore we have experience and know the requirements of our guests.
The area arround the Mount Leuser was designated as a National Park in 1980. The highest point is the top of the Gunung Leuser with 3404 meters above see level. This park is one of the last places in the world where you still can observe wild living orang utans in their natural environment. Deep inside the park still live some specimen of the Sumatran tiger and some rhinoceroses - but you won't be able to spot them. The asian elephant can be seen during longer tours and only with a lot of luck. Beside orang utans usually you see different kind of monkeys, gibbons, smaller mammals (sun bear, wild pig, deer, squirrel), snakes and birds including different kind of hornbills. Among the prestine rain forest hundreds of insects including ants, spiders, beetles and centipedes live on the ground, on giant trees and on other tropical plants.

Trekking tours with experinced guides from Ketambe

Trekking - Guides
To organize and prepare trekking tours we work together with local people and use experienced, English speaking guides. They respect the nature, protect the jungle and the environment of Leuser National Park. Usually guides start to work as porters first, get their knowledge from elder and experienced guides. They become guides after a minimum of two years working as porters and guide assistants.

If you book with us, you help local people and their families who live in Ketambe. Guides and porters are from Ketambe. We buy food at local markets near Ketambe.
The costs for trekking tours vary and depend from the lenght of the trek, from the number of participants and from the number of porters needed. The permit for the National Park, all food and drinks, cooking facilities and camping gear, including tent, mat and sleeping bag are included in the trekking price.

We offer trekking tours to different places from 1 to 6 days

Trekking - Jungle
Shorter trekking tours (1 - 3 days) led into the jungle near Ketambe. They are very common and good to get a first impression of the rain forest and their inhabitants. You will see orang utans and other animals.

Longer trekking tours (4 and 5 days) go deeper into the Ketambe jungle. More animals can be seen and the jungle will be more pristine. Steep ascents must be hiked and few river crossings have to be done.

If you want to go on a 6 days trekking tour there are 2 different destinations. One is the trek to the beautiful jungle lake Marpunga. More difficult and more cold is the hike to the top of mount Kemiri.

1 day trek into Ketambe jungle
2 - 3 days trek into Ketambe jungle
4 - 5 days trek into Ketambe jungle
6 days trek to lake Marpunga or to mount Kemiri

The 1 day trekking tour into Ketambe jungle

Trekking - Orang Utan
The one day trekking tour is only to get a first impression of the jungle. It goes into the jungle near Ketambe. We start from the Sadar Wisata Guesthouse & Restaurant. The first 30 minutes the walk follows the road up to Gurah area, then it turns into the jungle.

Your experienced guide will explain you many things about the rain forest and the wildlife in the jungle. He will show you different kind of animals and plants. Usually orang utans and monkeys can be spotted. During the lunch break you will have time to take rest and relax beside the river. You can get fresh during a swim in the river. In the afternoon you will look for animals again.

The 2 or 3 days trekking tour into Ketambe jungle

Trekking - Camping Ground
For more adventure and a more realistic view of the jungle we offer overnight treks with 2 or 3 days duration. You will go deeper into the jungle to increase your knowledge about the rainforest and the wildlife.

You will camp at two different peaceful places. The first night stay at a camping ground beside a river. In that area you will explore the wildlife and spot animals, e.g. orang utans, gibbons, macaques, Thomas Leaf monkeys, wild pigs and hornbills. Many kind of wild flowers can be seen. The second night you will sleep at the hotsprings area. In this place you can have a relaxed time, have a swim in the cold river or take a bath in one of the well tempered small pools, where hot and cold water mix. Guide and porter will cook delicious local food for you. You have the possibility to talk with them while having a cup of tea or coffee beside an open campfire.

The 4 or 5 days trekking tour into Ketambe jungle

Trekking - Samll waterfall
During a 4 or 5 days jungle trekking tour you will go deep into the jungle, hikes are more difficult and longer. You need to be in good physical condition. The walking time per day is between 5 and 7 hours.

Because you go deeper into the jungle the chance to see animals (orang utans, gibbons, Thomas Leaf monkeys macaques, hornbill and mayn different jungle flowers) is higher than during a 1 to 3 days tour. Get your senses sesitive for the jungle and hear the real sound of the jungle durning day and night. You will camp at different peacful places. 1. camping ground near river; 2. beside the hotsprings; 3. near waterfall; 4. Liana campsite. Your guide will cook delicious local food for you. Enjoy the evenings at the jungle camps with playing cards or chilling with a cup of tea or coffee arround the campfire together with the guide and porter.

The 6 days trekking tour to the jungle Lake Marpunga

Trekking - Lake Marpunga
The adventures trekking tour to the remote Lake Marpunga takes 6 days in total. Its a small lake within the Leuser ecosystem, which is situated in the local province of Putri Betung, near to the village Marpunga. The lake is situated about 1500 meters above see level and can be reached on a small path. It is about 8 kilometers beeline distance from the asphalt road. The lake is still prestine and has a beautiful scene.

You will start from Marpunga viallage which is about 30 minutes drive on the asphalt road from Ketambe. It goes first about two and a half day to the lake. Te way back leads through the jungle direct to Ketambe. During this 6 days you will sleep at different places (lake Marpunga, white sand rafflesia area, waterfall area, hotsprings). Good physical condition is needed.

The 6 days trekking tour to the top of mount Kemiri

Trekking - LView to Mt. Kemiri
Mount Kemiri is with 3314 meters the second highest mountain within the Leuser National Park. The return trek will take 6 days in total and starts from Gumpang village. To reach Gumpang we will go first with public transport from Ketambe for 2 hours in the direction north. The trek is seldom requested because of its difficulty and the rough and cold climate near to the top.

The first day walk goes through flat farm land which belongs to the people who live in Gumpang. You can see plantations of cocoa, coffee and nuts. The next day the climb of the mount starts and it goes always up, up up. You need a very good physical condition. Camping is only possible at dedicated places where you can find water. During the trek you will see animals and many different plants including nepenthes. On the 4th day morning you will climb up to the top of mount Kemiri where you will have an amazing view over the National Park - if weather conditions allow.

RAFTING trips with start in Ketambe

We organize white water rafting trips down the Alas river from 1 to 4 days length. The rafting tour starts in Ketambe and goes souths in the direction of Kutacane.

The 1 day rafting trip goes until Kutacane and can be organized at any time of the year. If you want to go further it is possible for 2, 3 and 4 days. The last stop after 4 days is Gelombang. The professional rafting boat have to be rented and is suitable for a maximum of 8 people including the captain and the mate, which will go with you. We provide paddles, helmets and life jackets. On multiple day rafting tours you will sleep in tents, which your captain will set close tho the river on the way. All food and drinks as well as cooking an camping gear will be provided.


You can just come and speak with us about trekking possibilities or book in advance. Please contact us - for details click: CONTACT