To book trekking and rafting tours, accommodation and private transport contact ...

Pindra Pindra Ramadani
Sadar Wisata Guesthouse & Restaurant
Jalan Belangkejeren - Km 32
Kutacane 24652

Aceh Tenggara - Sumatra

Phone: +62 (0)852 7065 2242

Please send a request for accommodation at my guesthouse for a small bungalow (50,000 IDR) or for a bigger one (80,000 IDR). To book a jungle trekking or a rafting tour please send an email including your prefered starting date, the number of people and the length of the jungle tour. You can also book private transport to Ketambe from Medan, Berastagi or Lake Toba. We will send you an offer and propose an itinerary for consideration. After your agreement you will get a confirmation.